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"Having Caron at the birth of my baby girl was the best decision me and my husband have made as a couple.  We were very excited yet at the same time quite nervous about welcoming our little one - the thought of labour and birth were daunting.  When we heard about Doula services, we decided to explore this option to get some extra support.  Little did we know that this would turn into the biggest support we could have ever gotten.  The concept was very new to us so we had the initial discussion with 5 doulas and while all of them were lovely, Caron was just extraordinary.  We felt an immediate connection, where we could talk freely with absolutely no judgement.  Caron's style was very much about connecting with us as a member of the family while completely respecting our choices and space.  I have not met another soul who can so beautifully connect with you on an emotional level while guiding you with such professionalism.  Our antenatal sessions helped me to go in with a positive attitude no matter what, as she provided us with reassurance and useful information about labour.  She encouraged me to trust my instinct and created a positive and fun environment during labour.  She provided practical support by looking after me during labour and tag-teaming with my husband beautifully.  I had to go through a long induction process but Caron was by my side the whole time. She also supported me post birth - I could ask for guidance about absolutely anything.  If there is one thing we would definitely repeat if and when we extend our family that would be getting on Caron on board again.  (S.Khan - mother)

Caron was simply great, not sure how I would have managed without her support.  She read the room amazingly and helped us with information, and made us feel comfortable with our decisions.  In short, if she is free just get her as a doula, you won't regret it" (S.Khan's - husband)

As a solo mum, it was important to me to find someone who could help guide and support me through my pregnancy and birth. I knew after my first phone call with Caron that she was that person. She was always at the end of the phone and helped guide me when the path wasn’t always clear or I had been given conflicting medical advice. During the actual birth, she carefully observed the support I needed and stepped in when I required reassurance. I would highly recommend her services to anyone considering a doula. (K. Feeney)

I have had Caron by my side for both of my births, and her presence and energy enabled me to have the most amazing experiences. From our first meeting, Caron and I were on exactly the same page and she supported my desire to try and have intervention free, calm births using hypnobirthing practise. I couldn't recommend her more highly if you are considering a doula. She is such a wonderful person and will always be so important to me and my babies! (S. Camlett)

Caron Smith is a professional highly knowledgable Doula. I employed her for postnatal work for my new born twins and I can honestly say she was a lifesaver. I had no family help and Caron was like a mother, completely on my side. It was a time in my life I felt vulnerable, physically and mentally exhausted. Caron would come in to my home and quite literally pick up everything be it a child, the shopping or my spirits. I longed for her to arrive! Baffled and guilt ridden by the pressure of breastfeeding -  again Caron talked me through it all. She is very empathetic backed by her midwifery education. The real life Mary Poppins! I cannot recommend Caron enough ! (S Davies)

Caron helped us as Pre and Post natal doula. She is truly amazing, I can’t imagine us going through the journey we did without her. I especially value her deep knowledge around pregnancy and baby areas and her willingness to help with any question we had. She was very supportive during my pregnancy, she saved our breastfeeding journey when things didn’t work out at the start with referring us to a good breastfeeding consultant, providing multiple useful sources and constant encouragement. She helped me to survive last two weeks of the pregnancy when I was already overdue and people kept asking me when I was going to give birth. And her post natal visits were a real blessing for me as we don’t have family around to help. 
Caron is really great at what she is doing and she puts her heart into it. (A Khalatyan)

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